Acacias Coffee Farm

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Vereda Palestina - Salento - Quindío Kilometro 3

Who we are

conserving the coffee landscape

Come and enjoy!

Our story begins here

Las Acacias Coffee Farm is a rich and different experience in the world of coffee, here visitors can have the best approach to the Colombian coffee culture from the interaction with a traditional family farm; in Las Acacias visitors can enjoy the spectacular cultural landscape of coffee, learn about crops other than coffee, which are part of the economy of a coffee growing family, and enjoy a unique setting for lovers of good coffee, served in the best environment and adorned by the best landscape for your photographs.

We are not just a coffee tour, we are a space where the traveller enjoys and interacts with many elements in addition to coffee, with the disposition of a team ready to make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Our mission

To offer visitors a unique experience of contact with traditional Colombian coffee growing and its knowledge, from the seed until it is enjoyed in a cup of the best coffee in the world, with the best preparation and enjoying it in a unique environment of the coffee cultural landscape.


In 2025, Las Acacias Coffee Farm will be recognised as the best experience of contact, knowledge and interaction with traditional Colombian coffee growing. Producer of a coffee of unparalleled characteristics, served in the best coffee environment.